Samp mods cleo

Samp mods cleo

GTA SA : Top 20 Mods of all time (2020) + [DOWNLOAD LINKS] - (Cleos, skins, Textures..)

Cum instalez CLEO? Eu primesc crash nu stiu exact de la ce e…Am cleo am tot ce trebuie dar cand il bag in folderul principal si intru in samp primesc crash, iar cand il scot totul merge.

Incerc sa ii dau de cap. La mine e asa dau pe Cleo sa.

samp mods cleo

Si eu am pus sampul pe Dekstop ca. Tibi e super tare modul. Dar as vrea sa stiu cum sa il dezistalez. Pls imi spui? Apropo faci o treaba super buna mai ales ca nu ai lag pe modurile acestea. L-am descarcat si nu imi mai apare hudul minimapul,banii si nici chacpointurile pe mapa.

Am incercat si cu F7 si sa restartez din optiuni si nimic. Help pls Tibiii. Tibi, am si eu o problema, Am schimbat un fisier. Am incercat multe metode si tot nu a mers, ai ideea ce as putea face sau trebuie sa reinstalez windows ul? Am patit si eu asta, nu mai stiu sigur unde trebui sa intri dar gasesti pe youtube, trebui sa stergi un fisier de la windows. Daca gasesc linkul ti-l las.

Daca instalez Cleo, cand dau sa ma conectez pe Server ma baga in jocul normal apoi imi da crash. Tin sa mentionez ca am Sampfuncs tot de aici. Tibi, Am o problema. Am windows 10 si din greseala am dat dublu click pe sampfuncs. Cum fac sa fie ca la inceput? Thx man. Atrix 19 martie la De ce imi da interface editor.

Am postat gresit. Leo 18 septembrie la Thumbs 19 septembrie la Acest mod se baga in CLEO, din folderul principal. Primesti crash ca nu ai bagat link-ul unde trebuie.

Rancacioveanul din OLT 1 martie la Verifica CLEO ca poate nu ai chestii. Daca te-am ajutat, cu placere.Datorita acestui mod poti avea pe server ce vreme si ce perioada a zilei vrei.

Dupa ce ai instalat CLEO, pune fisierul changer. Mie nu mi se deschide sampul cand am changer.

SAMPFUNCS - 5.3.3 (0.3.7)

Imi apare grand theft auto san andreas multiplayer si dupa 2 secunde imi da sampul crash si imi da sa aleg dintre a da restart la samp sau sa dau cancel. Fie ai un mod care nu e compatibil cu changer. Nu ai sampfuncs. Tibi, daca iau asta, imi da crash, pot sa ii fac altceva inafara sa iau add-on? Ba fratele meu, deci il bag tot cum trebuie, apoi intru pe samp si imi arata : Connecting to [IP] Connected Joining the game.

Dar na tu esti prea prost ca sa te duca capul. Nu imi merge am sampfuncs si cleo dar nu imi merge : L-am pus in folder cleo si cand intru in joc imi scrie unknown command! Cum folosesc Changer. Cum instalez Changer. Descarca changer. Mast3rB0y 13 septembrie la Si am si scos changer. Tibi 13 septembrie la Imi da error de la SAMP addon:install.

Tibi 22 septembrie la Eroarea aia ar trebui sa apara doar prima oara. Mast3rB0y 21 septembrie la Dan 28 septembrie la Cum stef modul add-on? Salkf 26 decembrie la Mario 29 septembrie la Kothal 6 octombrie la Become a member today and start sharing your creations!

Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:.

samp mods cleo

Supported Games. Expanded Collapsed Hidden. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. The current version of the plug-in is 5. Its main goal is to help accomplish various tasks in modding the game "GTA San Andreas", although more emphasis is placed on simplifying and expanding the chances for cheating for the multiplayer modification "San Andreas Multiplayer SA: MP ".

Thanks: I express special thanks to legend for working on CLEO Wiki and the entire BlastHack team as a whole for their help in developing and testing. SF-plugins from version 5. The plugin, starting with version 4.

samp mods cleo

This function is purely informative and is not used for any other purposes. The data is stored and sent in a protected form, and under no circumstances are transferred to third parties. The function can not be disabled, since this will affect the accuracy of the statistics service. If the plugin does not work, issuing an error when starting the game, try the following: 1.

Install a compatible SA-MP client. Current version: 0. In case nothing is solved - describe the problem in this topic and attach the file "sampfuncs. A: In the root folder of the game. Another possible reason is that the game is installed in one of the system directories where there are no write permissions often this is the 'Program Files'in this case, reinstall the game elsewhere.

Q: My game crashes, although it's clean. Try changing the following settings in the sampfuncs-settings.CopCMD este un mod care va ajuta in treaba de politist. Acesta este un mod care adauga o navigatie GPS in minimap harta din stanga jos. Instalare GPS pe minimap 1. Aceasta harta a fost facuta in special pentru a fi folosita pe sistemele de tip PUBG. Harta are pe margini niste litere care va ajuta sa comunicati pozitia cu coechipierii.

Spre ex. Cu acest mod CLEO vei avea aprox. Parasutele se schimba automat cand deschideti jocul sau cand se schimba ora. Instalare mod de parasute diferite 1. Acest mod necesita CLEO, daca nu il aveti deja il puteti instala de aici: moduri.

Daca aveti si alte moduri… Descarca mod. Deci daca doriti sa reduceti considerabil crash-urile, instalati acest mod. Acesta este un mod care afiseaza cat HP mai are masina cata viata. Indicatorul apare langa minimap, doar cand sunteti intr-un vehicul.

Instalare bara langa hud ce arata HP-ul masinii 1. Daca aveti si… Descarca mod. Am postat in trecut conectare. Acest mod tine masina in miscare atunci cand iei mana de pe tasta W, fiind util spre ex. Acest mod tine viteza costanta pana apasati S. Acest mod vine in doua… Descarca mod. Acest mod incearca reconectarea mai rapid, nu dupa doar 3 secunde, cum e in mod normal de la clientul de SAMP.

Instalare mod: 1. Instalati CLEO, daca nu-l aveti deja instalat in joc. M-am gandit ca ar fi util un astfel de mod. Ce face mai exact?

Mods for GTA San Andreas with automatic installation

Iti pune automat sapca si ochelarii cand intri pe server.The first game was only for game consoles, and later on June 7, it also appeared for personal computers. The game immediately caught the fancy of millions of gamers around the world. Since the game has plenty of opportunities You'll never get bored even after passing it up and down!

The game enables to change hairstyles, build muscles, eat and much more. There are over vehicles, a lot of various clothes and a cool gameplay. All this makes the game very exciting. But even if the game eventually becomes boring you can download from our website and install into the game mods for gta san andreasfor example cars or CLEO scripts.

On our website there are thousands of modifications to suit every taste, and thanks to our original autoinstallers they are easily installed into the game, in a single click.

Where to look:. Detailed filter:. CLEO scripts. Other transport. Car trailers. News and articles.

GTA:SA Mods: CLEO Modifications

GTA San Andreas game, review, mods. Top mods. Sort by: date rating downloads. Adaptation for IVFM 2. Working car optics, illuminated interior buttons, working speedometer, working odometer, steering wheel, cardan, racks, radiator cooling fans, steering levers, wipers, calipers.

The car has its own settings handling. The mission in What will happen if the Ballas will win? This is my first DYOM mission!

[CLEO] Fast Connect 0.3.7

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