3800 serpentine belt diagram

3800 serpentine belt diagram

Owners of other GM cars with a similar forced induction motor may also find the guide to be useful. I am not a professional mechanic. I assume no responsibility for damage to your vehicle, persons, property or pets. If you have any doubts, please consult an ASE certified mechanic.

Please proceed with caution at your own risk. I checked under the hood and discovered that pieces of the "Serpentine" Accessory belt were scattered around the engine compartment.

Luckily, half of the belt was still intact on the pulleys. Since the supercharger belt must be removed first to access the accessory belt, I decided to change it as well.

Both the belts were last changed at the 60, mile mark. The car now has just over 90, miles. My first step was to remove the two 13mm bolts on the passenger side of the STB. Then I was able to remove the coolant overflow bottle with a 10mm socket. Removing 2 STB Bolts 10mm Socket Coolant Overflow Bottle To make this procedure easier, I completely removed the coolant overflow bottle by detaching the black rubber hose that is attached to its side. Removing Coolant Bottle Detaching Overflow Hose Coolant Bottle Removed Be careful when you remove the coolant overflow bottle, because the fluid can splash out of the top cap and the small tube protruding from the side.

Coolant Hose Sealed Engine Bay Brace 13mm Socket To prevent coolant from leaking out of the coolant overflow tube, cover it with a plastic bag secured by a rubber band or tape. I skipped removing the battery and then realized that the brace may also be left in place. Having the battery out may make the job slightly easier if you have large hands.

3800 serpentine belt diagram

One Large Upper Bolt Pliers Releasing Cable Brace Removed If you do remove the engine bay brace and the battery, you'll need to release the cable loom attached to the brace with a pair of needle nose pliers. I then put painters tape over the battery terminals for extra safety. The tensioner is located below the supercharger's pulley and towards the front of the vehicle.

The supercharger belt tensioner is a smooth pulley that is directly next to a grooved idler pulley located closest to the front of the car. See routing diagram. Try to pay attention to how the old belt is routed around the pulleys to make installing the new one easier.

Since I had both the supercharger and serpentine belts removed, I took the time to check the level in the Power Steering fluid reservoir. The PS reservoir is located below the alternator. Checking Pulley Bearings Both Belts Removed Belt Routing Diagram All of the pulleys, idlers, tensioners, etc should be relatively easy to spin with just your finger except for the crank shaft.How to replace the serpentine belt on a Olds 98 with 3.

This might apply to other makes and models. Warning - Remove the negative battery cable before beginning work. This will prevent accidental engine engagement or other accidents related to having voltage available in the car chassis.

I have tried diligently to make this information accurate and complete. However, I was human the last time I checked and I may have left out a step or two. Do not completely rely on my information to complete this task. If you are comfortable working on cars, engines and the like, you'll probably do fine. Use this document as a point of reference. Please be sure to exercise caution when working with tools and on mechanical devices. Remove loose clothing and wear a short sleeved shirt.

Remove jewelry, watches and the like. If you have long hair, tie it back. DO NOT place any part of your body near moving machinery. Use the proper tool for the job. Accidents and damage to person or property can happen when you improvise.

Also, Mark writes: Hello, I'm Mark. I used your instructions on changing a belt on a 3. Just wanted you to know I found a super simple way to do it. Slide the belt through there and your good. Much to my disappointment, GM engineers designed the serpentine belt to wrap around an engine mount.I am not a professional mechanic.

I assume no responsibility for damage to your vehicle, persons, property or pets. If you have any doubts, please consult an ASE certified mechanic. Please proceed with caution at your own risk. GM Series II 3. I popped the hood and saw that nearly half of the serpentine belt had broken off. Luckily, the other half of the "accessory" belt held together long enough to drive to Advance Auto Parts and pick up a new one.

The new belt that I purchased is a Dayco brand Poly Rib model Engine serpentine accessory belts usually last anywhere from 60, miles to upwards ofmiles. They should be inspected at least twice a year for cracks, fraying, glazing, or other signs of significant wear. Please verify the correct replacement belt for your car by checking the Amazon Part Finder website.

My car has a Buick STB strut tower brace installed in the engine compartment, so I had to detach the left side of it before removing the coolant overflow tank.

Belt diagram

The Buick STB requires a 13mm socket and ratcheting wrench to remove the two passenger side bolts. Once the coolant bottle is pulled up out of the engine bay, detach the black rubber hose from its side. To prevent any coolant from leaking out of the hose, I covered it with a plastic bag and a rubber band.

Be careful when you move the coolant bottle because the fluid can splash out of the lid and the tube on the side. This may have not been necessary as there is plenty of room to reach the belts and pulleys once the coolant overflow bottle is out of the way. I didn't want to risk accidentally putting a wrench across the two terminals and getting a shock. Study the routing diagram on your car, or the one I took a picture in the row above.

It is just behind a black ribbed idler pulley. To loosen the supercharger belt, place the 15mm socket and long handled socket wrench on the SC belt tensioner pulley. Pull the wrench towards the front of the car to release the tension on the supercharger belt. While holding the wrench in this position, slip the supercharger belt off the supercharger pulley.Need serpentine belt diagrams on location?

Take us with you! We are proud to announce that SerpentineBeltDiagrams. Serpentine Belt The serpentine belt was first introduced in by Mercedes. The serpentine belt was designed to replace the multi belt drive belt systems and control multiple components on your engine with a single belt. The single belt is more efficient, easy to change and has a longer life span than the multiple belt systems used in earlier model vehicles.

Tensioner The use of a serpentine belt requires a belt tensioner or idler pulley to apply the necessary tension to the belt. The use of a tensioner pulley or idler pulley also makes changing your belt a lot faster and easier than multi belt systems. Serpentine Belt Diagrams Most vehicles have a sticker with the diagram under the hood.

How to Put a Belt on a Grand Prix Supercharger

If your vehicles diagram has worn, faded or just somehow disappeared, were here to help. Feel free to look through our list of diagrams or post in our forum if you can't find the diagram you're looking for.

Mobile Friendly!The noise started a few months ago, on a rainy morning, but it went away before I even pulled out of the driveway. Problem solved, right?

The Squeal noise was back the very next morning, and this time it lasted all the way to the corner of my block. As the weeks dragged on, my morning commute got noisier and noisier every day. Then I began to hear it on the way home too.

3800 serpentine belt diagram

Now it's a constant reminder to replace the belt. Find a repair manual for your car - Get instant access to your vehicles drive belt routing, complete wiring diagrams, trouble code information and other available updates and factory bulletins with online auto repair manuals.

Serpentine Belt Routing Diagrams. We are proud to have the ability to make vehicle specific belt routing diagrams available for free. Follow the guide for serpentine belt routing diagrams. This will open up to the index. Scroll down to find your vehicle manufacturer. Then scroll to the page the index refers to. Select the specific year and make of your vehicle. What's that squeal coming from under the hood? If your serpentine belt is cracked or has chunks missing, it needs replacement.

Serpentine Belt Noise - learn this easy trick!Click here to visit the donation page View all sponsors. Email This Page to Someone! Jul 13th, Report this Post PM. OneSlowFiero posts Member since Apr Got a question for all you Series II gurus. It isn't in a Fiero but is very Fiero relevant for anyone who has done this modification. On the way down to vacation his AC compressor which he just had replaced started grinding and it is painfully obvious that it was a faulty part that is going to fail while we are away from home.

Especially since the shop we took it to should be replacing it for free when we get home. I just wanted to check with the guys who I trust most with info on the Series II engine as I'm sure plenty of you have bypassed your AC this way in swaps.

Just want to fix it and get back to enjoying our vacation. Thanks guys! IP: Logged. Jul 14th, TbirdMarc 91 posts Member since Oct Google search revealed this, hope it helps.

That article says we need a Would I be safe going with either? Does half an inch make a huge difference in serpentine belts? Thanks again, -Josh.

3800 serpentine belt diagram

Edit Post. Post Reply. Last post by. Rate this member. PFF System Bot. Originally posted by OneSlowFiero: Anybody? Originally posted by TbirdMarc: Google search revealed this, hope it helps.The Pontiac Grand Prix featuring the 3.

The primary serpentine belt functions as a serpentine belt does on most cars. The secondary belt--the supercharger belt--provides the additional power for the supercharger on demand.

This belt is located on the outside of the pulley system and is the easiest one to remove and replace. To replace the primary serpentine belt, the supercharger belt needs to be removed first, so whether you need to replace the supercharger belt or simply remove it to get to the primary, follow these steps.

Open the hood and approach the engine from the passenger side of the Grand Prix to access the supercharger belt.

Locate the tensioner pulley for the supercharger. It is below the supercharger pulley and towards the front of the engine compartment. Place the mm box-end wrench onto the tensioner pulley bolt and move the wrench clockwise to release tension on the supercharger belt. While holding the wrench in position, remove the belt from the supercharger pulley and then slowly release the tensioner pulley back into its seated position. Compare the size of the old belt to the new one to ensure you've purchased the correct sized replacement belt.

Route the supercharger belt according to the belt routing diagram, starting with the crank pulley at the very bottom and working your way up toward the supercharger pulley. Make sure the ribs of the belt are seated properly inside the grooves of the pulleys. The smooth side of the belt goes against the smooth idler pulleys and the ribs of the belt must wrap around the grooved pulleys.

Hold the belt in position with one hand as close to the supercharger pulley as you can. Place the wrench onto the tensioner pulley and move it clockwise again to relieve the tension. This repositioning of the tension pulley will allow you just enough room to slide the belt onto the supercharger pulley. There will be little extra slack. Do not force the belt onto the pulley. If there doesn't seem to be enough slack, check the routing and pulley seating position of the belt.

Start the engine to make sure the belt is running smoothly along the pulley system. Make sure to remove the wrench and old belt from the engine compartment before starting up the engine.


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